Rank One – Your Athlete Management System

There are numerous benefits of using a web based athletic software product such as Rank One. Please allow us to list some of the primary reasons a switch can improve the overall quality of any athletic department.

Saving a great deal on the amount of time spent on scheduling can be a very positive benefit of using the software. We help limit the redundancy of the schedules getting handled by several different people in the athletic department. The schedules can be put in once by the coaches and then be shared by staff, parents and the community. When changes are made they are updated immediately to the site. The system will allow the user to build several different types of scheduling reports based on the needs of the district. The software contains an "import feature" that allows the clients to download student data from the registrar's office into an excel file. We can then import the student athlete's demographic information into the system. The process saves the athletic trainer countless hours of handling this data by hand. The athletic trainers, coaches, and athletic administrators can access this data quickly and easily from the system. The software can contribute with the demands of keeping up with more and more paper work required by the state and local athletic departments. The system can be customized to track the paper work required by the district. The athletic trainers and administrators can document what forms have been turned in and show which athletes have been cleared to participate. The information is shared between the coaches, athletic trainers, and administrators. When documenting injuries, daily treatments logs, and SOAP notes the system has a point and click system that can also be customized to meet the individual needs of the athletic trainer. The clients can create their own list in the tracking software. The injuries and treatment logs can be sent to the coaches via e-mail at the discretion of the athletic trainers. The reports that can be run with the software can also save a great deal of time compiling the data related to injuries.

Organization is another key aspect the software can help provide. The system allows the athletic director and other administrators the ability to see all the events taking place within the department for any given time period. The entire department can have access to the system, each coach, athletic trainer, secretary and coordinator can have their own log-in rights. Because the system is web based the information is always current and accessible from any location that has the internet. The system provides assistance organizing facilities as well. The schedule feature will alert the user when a facility is already hosting an event. Reports can be generated by each individual facility in the district. The report can identify how many events are scheduled by the day, week or even the year. Many athletic departments are responsible for keeping track of rentals of athletic facilities. The non game scheduling feature allows the client to run reports and monitor these types of events as well. Reports can be generated to show non game events and game events in a variety of formats. Another organizational feature that comes with the software is the seamless transition that takes place when a coach or administrator position is vacated and filled within an athletic department. The information stays in the system and can be viewed and edited by the new user. The system can be easily updated as personnel changes are made. The system keeps one year's worth of past data; this allows the user the ability to review the history of the program.

With the advances made due to the internet we have become accustomed to accessing information from the internet. With a web based program such as Rank One we are providing our clients access to the information they need to do their job better. The clients can access the data from any location that has internet connectivity. We allow multiple users and have no limits on the machines they can access their data. Our application can easily be adapted to work with the districts we serve. We provide hyper links that can be pasted to the district web sites that link parents and communities to the schedules, results, and directions to the games.

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